About LCL Builds

Mark Garland and other construction professionals formed Lewis Builds in 2003, an independent Canadian construction management firm operating in British Columbia and Ontario.  In marking the evolution of Lewis Builds, the name was changed to LCL Builds in 2011.

In 2015, LCL Builds started its twelfth year of operation in the Greater Toronto Area.

Learn more about Our Executive Team, our Community Outreach and our Building Green initiative.

Our Vision

To provide the best possible construction services within a safe, stimulating, and inviting environment for our contractors, clients, residents and employees.  LCL Builds strives to be the leading construction firm in Toronto.  Our experienced management team directs a talented crew of construction professionals dedicated to producing an exceptional, prompt and precise product.  LCL Builds.  Builder of Choice.


LCL is the builder of choice with the best talent in the industry.  We deliver construction services of exceptional value for our clients.


  • Recognize our clients’ unique needs and understand their objectives.
  • Accomplish clients’ objectives for less cost.


  • Consistently perform to meet or exceed expectations of service and product.
  • Superior craftsmanship.
  • Deliver a finished product that we are proud of.


  • Own the bottom line.
  • Manage your part of the company as if it was your own- for today and tomorrow.
  • Exceptional return on investment.
  • Encourage collaboration.

Trust & Respect

  • People are encouraged to express ideas and opinions.
  • Support employees in their business decisions.
  • Open communication of job expectations and performance.
  • Encourage collaboration.


  • We provide growth opportunities.
  • This is a fun place to work.
  • Our projects are exciting.
  • We encourage innovative solutions.